Reclaim Haven 


THE BLUEPRINT/REWRITING YOUR SCRIPT/MY PERFECT LIFE SALONS –  On your quest to become the best versions of yourself, you will discover it is a Mind, Body, and Spirit journey. One without the other does not benefit you as a whole. For instance, you can change your diet claiming to eat healthy, but your mind is constantly spewing negativity, or you eat well, but you’re not active and your body is not getting any exercise, the “lack” does not contribute to the “whole”.  All components of “you” must be working in conjunction with each other in order for “you” as a whole to flourish.

 discovered very early through a series of life’s events that the blueprint I was given was riddled with disfunction. No one’s fault, however, those with whom I was gifted to serve as my guides – my teachers, were so flawed with their own lack of growth that they could only teach from where they knew.

Unbeknownst to me, their way became my way, and I began the downhill spiral of a life filled the situations I would not necessarily have chosen if I knew I was creating my future self.

Not knowing exactly why I shifted my way of doing things, but I somehow innately knew that something was wrong, something was off, and could no longer live my life from my current blueprint. I then began an inner search for answers, which would eventually lead me to years of realizing how damaged my blueprint was and how I “had” to redesign it.

Having a clear understanding that if I did not reprogram my life I would forever live out the same script, most of it written by others, however, cosigned by me.  It would take years of me bumping my head against my old tape. My past beliefs felt like cement blocks that refused to move. Chipping away at it was hard and initially, change was a slow process.  I realized how It seemed easier for me to help others move through their “stuff” then it was for me to move through mine, so I changed my approach.  I became an audience member in my life and watched my life as a play. I stopped placing blame on others and started to use them as my mirrors, my reflections. Taking ownership in my life’s happenings was when I truly began the much needed change. This made it easier for me to push through and continue the redesign of a life that I would want to live out.

Our “life scripts” as we like to call them, have become our best sellers. We know the stories front and back, watch them, tell them and revisit them in our minds over and over. So you can understand why deviating from its context can be a sickening rollercoaster ride. But it can be done.

At Reclaim Haven, our workshops will set you on your way. We give you tools so you will be able to manage your life on a regular basis.  Our workshops are fun and interactive. They awaken an inner new you that will ignite a flame to inspire you to live your best life everyday. 

ABOUT ME – Bennett, is a passionate, independent creative artist, who hales from New York City. She has enjoyed a rich and multi-faceted career in the entertainment industry having worked as a director, producer, actress, singer/songwriter, screenwriter and manager. In addition to her love for the arts is her passion for empowering others. As a person who has never shied away from challenges, Bennett approached every obstacle as an opportunity to learn and become a better version of herself. She began to share every bit of what she overcame with anyone who would listen in hopes of helping them climb their life mountains or inspire them to keep going when the light seems to be darkened.  

Bennett became a master at taking an idea with a minimum or no budget, bringing it to fruition.  “I specialized in certain things, knew a little about many things, and surrounded myself with people who knew what I did not and utilized them to the fullest”. Bennett was known as a catalyst, a connector of sorts, ” Helping others to achieve their dreams was an adrenaline rush for her and realized she was very good at it.

As a mother of three, it was of the utmost importance for Bennett to teach her children about entrepreneurship. All of them were to start a business by the time they were 16. It was not important if it was successful, but it was important that they operate as if it were. Bennett would assist each of them with their venture, which eventually led to her assisting their friends and other youths who wanted to participate. 

This youth empowerment would spill over and Bennett began facilitating workshops for both kids and adults in the Los Angeles areas. “I found so many people, young and old, have either no idea what they want to do, or no idea how to take the first step.”  Bennett’s production background and ability to produce a quality project on a dime budget has given many the tools they need to take the first step.  Her fun and interactive workshops, offers everything one would need to jumpstart their vision and start to live the life they’ve dream of.