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The Center

As a mother of twin boys and a daughter, I remember the burnout feeling oh so well.  Just as I got the parenting rhythm of managing one child, I would go from one to three children.  At the time, my profession was both in front of and behind the camera, so I often worked from home. It was important for me to parent my children, so even with the helping hands of a nanny, I became quite proficient at constantly switching hats throughout the day, which became daunting and exhausting.

The burnout would often be so severe I would take long aimless walks. I’d slowly stroll around my neighborhood, through the mall, peruse book stores, or window shopping. I did not need or want to purchase anything, or talk to anyone, because that would require more thinking. I just needed to decompress. 

I often thought of checking into a hotel and relaxing for a few hours, but that was a big waste of money, which was not something my budget could support at that time. So, I spent several house as a wayward street walker in an attempt to RECLAIM myself.

It’s understandable why hotels don’t have prorated rates, but it would have been heaven for me to check into a room for two to four hours, relax, nap, or whatever, then head back home.  So I got to thinking. What if I had a place for women like me who need a midweek place to recharge. You know, a quick pick “me” up.

The Reclaim Haven Center was birth out of my need to do just that. Eat healthy plant-based food, meditation, yoga, empowerment workshops, take a nap, or just sit and read, or write. It’s not a workspace or work coop it the traditional sense, but it is a “work on me” space.

Reclaim Haven is a women’s space where you are fed inside and out. A space where you  come to reclaim “your” time.


Chef B’s Kitchen

Celebrity Chef Babette Davis –Stuff I Eat – Co-Owner – creates a line of healthy entrees and desserts that can be heated and enjoyed in Chef B’s Kitchen.