Redesign, rewrite & reclaim 

RECLAIM HAVEN            

Our lives are but a play and we wrote the scripts, so welcome               Reclaim Haven’s  “LIFESTYLE SHOW”

Reclaim Haven was formed for people like you, by people like you. So many of us have moved through situations at various points in our lives that seemed insurmountable.  We took lemons and made  lemonade, climbed up hill (backwards sometimes), crawled to our destinations and more, yet, through it all, whether knowingly or not,  we have continued to reinvent ourselves, reclaimed our time, and rewrite new scripts to live the lives we believe we were destined to live.  The Reclaim Haven gives you tools so you won’t have to stumble on to it, but can deliberately create the life you desire. We are a “sisterhood” for change.  We  will help you not only redesign your blueprint, but also give you tools that will show you how to find it within, then live and give the performance of “your” lifetime. Everything we share and teach we have lived and we know that, if we are able the change, so can you. Won’t you join us! TEAM RECLAIM HAVEN!


New to Acting Workshop

Beginning July 2023

Virtual Bootcamp